The following audio commentaries were created by broadcasting students in winter 2015

Heartbreak can take us to some pretty dark places. Binge drinking, sad movie marathons, and even crying in a McDonalds. Lucas Roberts describes how he handled heartbreak in the land down under.

Harrison O’Nyons on his thoughts of being a “Ginger”. Red hair comes with its own set of challenges.

Spencer Jo shares his thoughts on life, learning, media, and punk rock.

Why a first date is like a driving test? by Claire Forsyth

The process of adoption is not well understood by those who have never been involved in one. Here is Sarah Ellis with her take on the benefits of adoption.

Dominique Simard tells us about the power of positive thinking and paying it forward

Here today to talk about a first hand experience about interesting conspiracy theories and the theorists that make these theories, Zachary Rees-Sirotich