Meet our team
(Alphabetical by first name)

Benjamin Goodman


Ben Goodman loves to curate music. He always has his iPhone Notes app at the ready, so he can jot down song ideas at any hour of the day. It used to be just for his enjoyment, but with his new show 90’s Hit List with Mariah Bouvier, he can now share his fav 90’s song mixes to a large audience. He hopes you give it a shot, and if you find a 90’s song you like from the show, let him know, as he would love to talk about it with you.

Carlos Montesinos

Hello, my name is Carlos Montesinos, I am a second-year student attending Mount Royal University for a degree in Broadcast Media Studies. I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, where I discovered my passion for everything involving basketball, hip-hop and comedy. My passions define who I am and even though none of this made you laugh, I assure you I am hilarious.

Christopher Campbell

ChristopherCampbellMy name is Chris Campbell. Creativity is one of my strongest features and I’ve been a musician making music for a few years. I believe giving a smile to someone is the greatest gift there is. I really enjoy telling jokes and making people laugh. My jokes are funny a least 60% of the time. Catch my show Classics with Chris on where I explore songs from the 60’s & 70’s.


Mariah Bouvier


Mariah Bouvier is a girl stuck in the 90’s who is going to be playing… well, 90’s hits on the radio. Mariah enjoys the simpler things in life such as eating too much food in one sitting, cursing at people who cut her off while driving, and 90’s grunge wear which is basically unwashed pajamas. With her incredible ability to never shut up about what boy band member she thinks is cute, the 90’s will live forever! Listen to her and Ben Goodman host 90’s Hit List here on

Trevor Chambers

Hello folks! I’m Trevor Chambers and I’m a total nostalgia junkie. Born and raised in Ontario, I made the trek out to Calgary in 2008 and haven’t looked back since! You can count on spotting me at the pub for any trivia night. I’m excited to spread my charming personality, (at least that’s what my mom tells me) and my vast knowledge of music on my 1980’s music show! That 80’s Show airs on! Check Program Schedule to see when it airs.

Tyson Reid


Tyson Reid has been a fan of punk and metal since the late 90’s. He is passionate about music and is looking to help you discover new music by exposing new Western Canadian talent as while as pushing you outside of your musical comfort zone. Tyson is also a huge nerd and tends to let his “nerdiness” seep into all the work he does. Get a dose of his New Noise show, playing his favourite metal and punk songs, here on